Make the Most of This Giving Season!

December 1         

Complex Gifts  For gifts such as business or partnership interests, real estate/real property, or restricted securities, please contact Joe Carter or Rhonda Godwin to allow the necessary lead time and proper due diligence for processing these types of gifts.

IRA Rollovers & Qualified Distributions  Donors should contact their plan administrator to determine the necessary time to transfer assets to the Foundation.  To learn more about what fund types can receive contributions from an IRA, contact Joe Carter, Laura Moon or Jennifer Stewart.

December 19       

Grant Recommendations   Donors making grant recommendations from funds at the Community Foundation are encouraged to do so by December 19 to ensure that your grant is received by the nonprofit by December 31. To make a grant from your fund, visit the Fund Portal or contact our offices. If you haven’t logged onto your online account yet, email and we will be happy to get you set up!

December 21        

Publicly Traded Securities Donors should contact their broker as early as possible to initiate the transfer of stocks and mutual funds to ensure they are received by the Foundation no later than December 31.

December 31        

Donations by Check or Credit Card Checks must be postmarked by December 31 in order to qualify as a charitable contribution in the 2022 calendar year. Mail gifts to Oklahoma City Community Foundation, P.O. Box 1146, Oklahoma City, OK  73101-1146 or make an online gift at

Donor Advised Funds are NOT eligible to receive Qualified Charitable Distributions from an IRA. However, IRA distributions may be received through a number of other funds at the Community Foundation, including our Scholarship Funds, Field of Interest Funds, Charitable Organization Endowment Funds or a Donor Designated Fund. We will be happy to help you direct your donations to a charity of your choice.

Looking for an advanced giving option? Donor Advised Funds continue to be great tools!
Many donors wanting to make an impact over the long term use their Donor Advised Funds as a charitable savings account, providing them the ability to grant to charitable organizations even when times are tough.  The Community Foundation can help those who are interested establish their own Donor Advised Fund and capitalize on its numerous benefits.

Contact Joe Carter at 405/606-2914 or any of our development and donor services team to create your own donor advised fund and begin – or continue – supporting the charitable organizations or areas that mean the most to you!