Wellness Initiative

Health and wellness are influenced by where we live, work, learn and play. Community access to safe places to play and enjoy active lifestyles, in concert with other wellness resources, directly impacts life expectancy and incidence of chronic disease among our citizens. Through our Wellness Initiative, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation is working with community partners to implement sustainable changes to improve these factors and make healthy living easier and more accessible in central Oklahoma.

OKCGetsFit Grant Opportunities

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation is seeking grant applications for projects that will inspire metro residents to engage in fun, physical activities that will improve overall community health and wellness. Ideally, we’re looking for projects (large or small!) that:

  1. Are unique, nontraditional or linked to other interests or causes that inspire physical activity among those who aren’t physically active in their daily lives.
  2. Foster social connections, which have been shown to be highly effective encouraging people to engage in healthy lifestyles.
  3. Include partnerships with other organizations and utilize KeepMovingOKC.org, our community calendar connecting people to free or low-cost physical activities.

Click here to read the complete grant guidelines. It’s going to take all of us to help OKC get fit; that’s why we’re opening grant applications to schools, churches, neighborhoods, nonprofits, etc. So, if you’ve got a way to make OKC a healthier community, we just might have the means to make it happen!

Central Oklahoma Wellness Alliance

A network of organizations that are invested in community health, the Central Oklahoma Wellness Alliance collaborates to make healthy lifestyle choices easier and more accessible.