Roy & Darlene Thornton

Kya McFadden: "If I had an opportunity to meet with the Thornton's or members from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, I would tell them thank you for all they're doing for students like myself and thank you for the opportunities they're providing, because if it had not been for them, I don't know if I would be where I am right now."

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Voice: Lifetime Mid-Del residents Roy and Darlene Thornton wanted to give back to their community by helping local students get to college.
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Voice: So together with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, they established the Roy Edward Thornton & Darlene Young Thornton Scholarship, given to local students committed to community service.
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Jessica Schwager: "Roy has been a part of the Kiwanis Club for many, many years. And so, he has always really focused on giving back to the community."
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Voice: Today, the fund they started in 2013 has grown from $1000 per recipient to more than $2000 awarded to each recipient every year. And it all started because people like Roy understand that no matter what size donation you make, you can always make a difference.
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Roy Thornton: "So we're thinking, 'if these were our children, what can we do?' Well, we can do a lot. And we're not rich or anything like that, but we can get things done ..."
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Voice: And for local students like Kya McFadden, that difference meant a better chance at fulfilling her dreams.
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Voice: At the suggestion of a guidance counselor, Kya and her mom found several scholarship opportunities on the Oklahoma City Community Foundation website. A Mid-Del student active in community service, it was obvious the Thornton's scholarship was a great fit.
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Kya McFadden: "…I just love community service. And it's always been a part of my life."
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Jessica Schwager: "… I think that a lot of times when parents and students are thinking about applying for scholarships, they think a lot of times of the colleges that they're going to. So, if they're going to Oklahoma State, they might think I can only qualify for scholarships at Oklahoma State. What makes us unique is that we have scholarships for students throughout the entire state of Oklahoma."
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Voice: Today, Kya is excelling in school and well on her way to her goal of giving back to other students through a career in education.
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Lora Souza: "I think it's rewarding to see that in Kya's situation, that she's able to continue on with education and not have the stress of finances. Where she's able to put all of her focus on her education and reap the benefits of the scholarship through that way."
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Darlene Thornton: "They'll never be able to thank us, we'll never know who they are, but their whole lives will be changed, hopefully, because of something that we've done."
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Voice: If you have a desire to make a difference in your community, we can help you make it happen.
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Voice: The Oklahoma City Community Foundation. Simple. Effective. Forever.
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