Scholarship Application Webinar

Video: Screen opens to Jessica Schwager, Director of Scholarship Programs in a small conference room.
Voice over: Hi there. My name is Jessica Schwager and I am with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. We are the state's largest independent scholarship provider. We provide scholarships to students all across the state of Oklahoma. I know that Oklahoma City is in our name and we serve students in the Oklahoma City area, but we also have a few very large scholarship programs for rural students, as well. Today, I really wanted to go over our scholarship application process. Typically, this time of year, my coworkers and I will go out into schools across the metro area. We can even zoom into schools in rural Oklahoma and really guide students through the application process. Since we are not able to go into schools this year, we wanted to record a webinar to go through the application process just like if we were at the school. I'm going to take you through that process from creating an account to applying – just to hopefully make the process a little easier for you. Just so you know, any student can apply from across the state, whether it be high school seniors, people already in college. We do have a few graduate student scholarships, as well. WE actually have a scholarship program for high school juniors, as well. That program is only open to a select number of high schools in the Oklahoma City metro area. Those high school juniors do have to be first generation. I'm going to go through the application process and show you how easy it is to apply for these scholarships. I'm going to go ahead and share my screen. Here we go.

Video: Screen now displays the website. Jessica shows the names and phone numbers of scholarship staff members. She points out the location of the link to the scholarship application and the How to Apply video, which guides students through the steps to apply for scholarships.
Voice over: The first thing I wanted to do is to point you in the direction of our website. To get to the online application, you can first go to I think this is a good place to start because you can see the staff right here, our phone numbers. If you click on our emails here, it prompts an email to pop up. You can also see there's a link to go to apply. There's also a How to Apply video. You can click on the video. That's just kind of a quick two minute and 11 second video on how to apply for scholarships. What I'm going to do today is kind of do more of an in-depth look at our scholarship system.

Video: Mouse hovers over and clicks on the "Apply Now" link.
Voice over: To apply, you'll go ahead and click "Apply Now" right here.

Video: Screen displays the website The website has two buttons in the top-right corner, "Sign Up" or "Sign In." It also lists instructions on how to get started applying for scholarships.
Voice over: That takes you to our scholarship application website, which is AcademicWorks. So it's Now the first thing you'll want to do is sign up for an account.

Video: Mouse hovers over "Sign Up" button in the top-right corner and clicks.
Voice over: You'll click on this "Sign Up" button right here. And you will enter your email address and password. I'm going to go ahead and create an account just like you would.

Video: Cursor clicks in field under Email Address and types in Cursor then hovers over Password field and types in password. Cursor then clicks the Sign Up button below the Password field.
Voice over: And I'm going to type in a password. Just so you know, you do need to create a password with 12 characters. You have to have a digit, uppercase, lowercase, and a special character. I'm going to go ahead and type that in here. Hopefully I have enough characters. I signed up.

Video: Once the Sign Up button has been clicked, a message in a light green box with instructions appear.
Voice over: Once you hit that sign up button, it will say "A message with a confirmation link has been sent to your email address. Please open the link to activate your account." The next thing you're going to want to do is go into your email to look for that confirmation email. One thing I do like to recommend to students is to go ahead and create an email account that is specific to scholarships. If you do use your high school email account, sometimes that is a little problematic because sometimes you don't have access to that email account once you graduate from high school. We do all of our communication through email when it comes to the application process and just reminding you to apply. There might be deadlines after you graduate from high school and we really don't want you to miss out on those things.

Video: Screen displays a Gmail inbox. Cursor points to the Primary folder and Promotions folder. Cursor clicks on Promotions folder and points to the email from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.
Voice over: I went ahead and created my own scholarship email called I went ahead and logged into my Gmail account. This confirmation email is a little tricky to find. It's very different for everybody. Gmail has been kind of sneaky and it likes to throw it in different folders. Sometimes, it will be in your primary folder.

Video: Cursor hovers over Gmail folders on left side of the screen. Clicks on "More" and then clicks on the Spam folder.
Voice over: Other times, it will be in your promotions folder, which is where it went today, so you can see it here. Other times, it might be in your spam folder. To find your spam folder, it's going to be on the left-hand side here. You'll hit "More" and then you'll find Spam. Sometimes it does get filtered into spam. We're really working with Gmail to eliminate that happening.

Video: Cursor points to Primary and Promotions folders again. Clicks on promotions folder and clicks on the email sent from OCCF. Clicks on link to AcademicWorks website.
Voice over: If it's not in spam, it will definitely either be in your primary or your promotions. If for some reason, you cannot find it, you can just email us at and we can help track down where that email is. We can help you get logged in. We're going to go ahead and click on the email "Please confirm your account" and go ahead and click on the link.

Video: Scholarship application website appears. The Oklahoma City Community Foundation logo is on the top-left corner of the screen. A blue rectangular shape is located under the logo. Questions on the application appear below the rectangle. A Welcome message appears that says "Welcome! In order to start applying, you'll first need to complete the General Application on the right. Please keep in mind, a complete application increases the chances of finding opportunities for which you are qualified.
Voice over: What clicking on that link does is that it directs you straight into our General Application. Now what this general application is - it's really just the first step in applying for scholarships. Once you complete this general application, there are very few things that you will be eligible for just by completing this. Rather, you have to complete this step and then there will be a second step or even a third step that you might have to complete, as well. I will guide you through that process, so stick with me. This step is extremely important that you complete this step before moving on to the other steps. I'm going to fill this out real-time with you with my information.

Video: Cursor hovers over and clicks on "First Name" box and types in Jessica. Types in "A" for Middle Initial and "Schwager" for Last name.
Voice over: Go ahead and enter this. I'm going to enter a fake thing here.

Video: Enters Gender, Racial Group, and Home phone number.
Voice over: Enter phone number. Enter email address. Screen continues to display the application, including cell phone number, email address, and mailing address. Please enter whatever email you are checking the most. Also, mailing address is extremely important. If you are awarded a scholarship, we will send you an award letter to your mailing address, not your email – to your mailing address. This is especially important for college students because I know last March when we were sending out award letters, we were sending them to the college students' dorm rooms and then with COVID hitting, a lot of award letters were not getting there. Put in your parents' mailing address or your permanent address – somewhere where mail is being checked. I'm going to go ahead and enter this in here.

Video: Scrolls to questions about parents and their employers. Cursor clicks on and fills in boxes.
Voice over: We do ask for your parental information. If you are not able to complete that, that's fine. Skip right over it. I'm going to go ahead and put some names in here.

Video: Scrolls to next set of questions on the application. Cursor selects options, including "Yes" to the question that asks, "Are you the first in your family to attend college (meaning that your parent, stepparents or grandparents have not attended college). Cursor also selects High School Senior from the drop-down menu asking for Grad/Year in School. Cursor selects Harding Charter Preparatory High School from the High School Name drop-down list.
Voice over: This next set of questions is extremely important as well. These questions kind of determine what scholarships are going to be recommended to you to apply for. I mentioned as a high school junior, you might be eligible for a first-generation scholarship – are you the first in your family to attend college, meaning that your parents, stepparents, or grandparents have not attended college? I'm going to go ahead and hit yes for that. I'm going to do this a couple of different ways. The first way I'm going to do it is as if you were a high school senior. I'm going to go ahead and choose high school senior. It will ask for your high school. Please search carefully. We do have every single high school in the state of Oklahoma listed in here. If for some reason, if you're outside of the state of Oklahoma – if you're watching this, we do have a few scholarships for outside of the state of Oklahoma, so your high school might not be in here, so go ahead and use this "Other" tab. Otherwise, it will be in here. I'm going to choose Harding Charter Prep High School.

9:46 Cursor selected Oklahoma County from drop-down list with question about High School county. Cursor hovers over GPA question and enters a GPA. Cursor hovers over ACT and SAT fill-in-the-blanks. Voice over: High School County – Oklahoma county. If you don't know your high school graduation just yet, go ahead and make up the day or do an estimate of that day. If your high school ranks, go ahead and put your high school class rank in here. If it doesn't, go ahead and put "school doesn't rank." Go ahead and put your GPA in here. WE are asking for unweighted GPA. We're not asking for weighted GPA. I know some students want to use the weighted GPA because that oftentimes looks a lot better, but we are looking for unweighted. Keep that in mind. List your ACT if you've taken the ACT or list your SAT if you've taken that. If you've taken neither, go ahead and leave those blank. You can always come back in after you've taken either one of those tests and enter that information. Not all of our scholarships require an ACT or SAT, but I highly recommend and taking the SAT or ACT. Mostly because a lot of our scholarships do require them and a lot of times, colleges require ACT or SAT for scholarship processes. I know that a lot of colleges are getting away from requiring ACT or SAT from their admissions requirements, but most of them still require one of these scores, along with a GPA, in order to award their scholarships. Just kind of keep that in mind.

Video: Cursor selects the drop down box under the question "College currently attending or planning to attend in Fall 2021." Cursor selects "University of Oklahoma."
Voice over: If you know what college you're planning to attend, go ahead and find it here. If you have a second choice of college, put that in here, as well.

Video: Cursor scrolls through list of majors under the question "Major or Area of Academic Interest." Cursor selects majors.
Voice over: If you have a major selected already, go ahead and put your major. I do know that we actually have a scholarship specific to women in business and that is for high school seniors, so if you're going into business, go ahead and choose business out of this list. If you have more than one major in mind, you can select more than one major. To do that, you will need to hit the Control Button or Command if you use a Mac computer. You hit Control or Command, you'll hold down on that, and then you'll select multiple things. You can kind of scroll through this list. Say I'm also kind of thinking about computer systems. I can click that. And then also, dental studies, as well. I have a broad variety of interests. If you're undecided or if it's not listed, go ahead and put that here.

Video: Cursor scrolls to questions for college students.
Voice over: This next section is a little bit for college students. If you are a college student, go ahead and list your college GPA and what day you think you're going to graduate. For a high school student, it's not going hurt anything if you put that in here. We won't even look at it.

Video: Cursor scrolls to "Involvement and Activities." Cursor clicks in the fill-in-the-blank box and types in "Oklahoma City Community Foundation Intern – 2018-2020, Babysat for neighbors – 2015-2020." Cursor clicks in the fill-in-the-blank box under "List all high school and college activities by year. Include the name of the organization and your role/involvement" and types in "n/a. no activities yet because I'm working 40 hours." Cursor clicks in the fill-in-the-blank box under "List your community involvement by year. Include the name of the organization and your involvement. List the number of hours served and how often (weekly/monthly)." Types in "xxxxxxx." Cursor clicks in box under "List your interests and hobbies" and types in "xxxxx."
Voice over: The next section kind of serves as the resume section. This section is going to ask anything that would already be on your resume. A lot of students – when I was going out to schools in the past – hadn't actually created a resume yet. So we didn't want that to be a problem with stopping students from applying for scholarships. Instead, we've gone ahead and added a few of these big text boxes here, where students can list their experiences right in this box. If you have employment history, you can go ahead and list that here. You can go ahead list these right in the box. That goes with any of these. If, say, you don't have any high school activities just yet because you are working 40 hours a week on top of going to school, just go ahead and type anything in this box. You can just say "n/a. No activities yet because I'm working 40 hours." So you can just type that right in the box. If you aren't quite ready to complete this section yet but you want to come back to it, you can just type xs in the box. You can always save your application and come back to it later. We just want to make sure your application is complete before our deadlines, which I'll point out here in a little bit. In addition to listing them out in the application, if you do have a resume, you can go ahead and upload it in here. It's completely optional. Some students already have one, so they just want to go ahead and upload it. If you don't, don't worry. This will give you a chance to upload one if you have it. Keep in mind that we do require that if you do upload one, you still have to list these out here. A lot of students if they've already completed a resume, they might just copy and paste some of those sections of those resume into these text boxes. They can definitely do that.

Video: Cursor clicks on "Add a New File" button under "Resume." A box appears. Cursor clicks on a folder and selects a file called "Resume."
Voice over: I'm going to show you what this looks like here. So, choose a new file. Here we go. I saved something called Resume here. I'm going to go ahead and open it. You can call it a resume and update that and it'll be in here. This will not save until you actually hit this "Save and Keep editing button," which I'm going to do right now. I want to save all of this information that I've already typed in right here. I guess I typed in birthday wrong.

Video: Cursor clicks on "Save and Keep Editing" button at the bottom-right part of the screen.
Voice over: I do recommend going ahead and saving as you work on it just so you don't lose anything. I know I'm actually doing this in the middle of an ice storm here in Oklahoma and, if for some reason, the power went out, I would at least have these answers saved. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

Video: Cursor scrolls to "Transcript Requirements" section and clicks on "Add a New File." A dialogue box appears and the cursor clicks on "Transcript – Copy."
Voice over: The next section here is going to ask for your transcript. Now, we are going to ask you to get with your school counselor to get your transcript and you need to upload it yourself. The counselor can also send it to us, but it's going to be a lot easier if you just go ahead and ask the counselor to give you your transcript and then you upload it yourself. So, if they give you your transcript, you can hit this "Add a New File" button, choose file, and you would find your transcript. Something I want to point out real quick – the name of whatever file you're uploading – see "Transcript – Copy." There cannot be a dash in anything, so you need to make sure there is nothing like that in the name of the file that you're trying to upload. I'm going to show you what that looks like. I'm going to go ahead and hit this one and I'm going to hit "Open." Then I'm going to hit "Save and Keep Editing." Okay, evidently that can have a dash. I apologize. I think it's a comma maybe you can't have. Just a second. I think it's better to be safe than sorry. Hold on one second. Let's try this.

Video: Cursor clicks on "Add a New File" again and clicks a PDF file called "Transcript.Copy." The cursor clicks "Open" and then "Save and Keep Editing" at the bottom-right corner. A red box appears at the top of the application that says, "Only one period (.) is permitted in the file name."
Voice over: There we go. This application cannot be updated because of 1 error – only one period is permitted in the file name. If you use a comma, it will also give this kind of a "could not be updated." I realize these instructions are really unclear. This is just how the site is unfortunately we cannot change that.

Video: Cursor scrolls down to "Transcript Requirements" again and clicks on "Add a New File." The cursor selects a file named "Transcript." The cursor then clicks on "Save and Keep Editing" in the bottom-right corner.
Voice over: Just keep in mind whenever you're uploading any kind of file in the system, you need to make sure the name of the file is really clean – no periods, no commas, exclamation points, anything like that. I'll show you what this looks like now. It should go ahead and accept that. There we go.

Video: Cursor scrolls down to "Letter of Recommendation" section and clicks on the "Add a New Reference" button. Types in "Ethan Clark" in the blank box and in the email box. Cursor clicks on "Save and Keep Editing" in the bottom right corner.
Voice over: Okay, I'm going to go back down here. Sorry if I'm making you sick by scrolling. The general application does also ask you to supply a letter of recommendation. We want this letter of recommendation to come from a coach, a supervisor, a school counselor, if you're in college – a professor that might know you really well and can really talk about some of your characteristics and how you are in school and what your work ethic is like and all of that. Keep that in mind that we're looking for that kind of person. We don't want to see family members in here or we don't want to see yourself listed in here. We are really looking at that to see who you are listing. To do that, you will hit "Add a new reference" and you will type the name and the email of your recommender. An email will be sent to that person as soon as you hit "Save and Keep Editing." Or if you're done with your application, you can hit finish and submit, one will go to them, as well. But that's the quickest way to get a letter of recommendation sent out. Even before you enter them in here, you will want to ask them if they will serve as your recommender Sometimes that email request from our system will go into their spam folder or it might go into their promotional folder or they might not even know to look out for your email. So give them a head's up and let them know that's coming before you enter their information in here. If for any reason, they do not receive our request, then just have them contact us. You can contact us. Or they can just email their letter of recommendation to

Video: Cursor scrolls to Essay Questions section and clicks in the fill-in-the-blank essay box under the essay question, "What are you studying in college? Why is your school a good fit and what are you plans after graduation? Describe your career goals and how your education will help you achieve those goals." Cursor types in "Come back to this." Cursor types in "come back to this" in second essay question.
Voice over: After letter of recommendation, there are going to be a series of essay questions that you need to complete. If you're going through this the first time and you just kind of want to get a feel for what we're asking, I would go ahead and write the responses to your essay questions in a Word document. Do spell check, word count, all of that. Even maybe have an English teacher proof them for you. You can copy and paste them back in the website. So I'm going to go ahead and skip over this for now. I'm going to write "Come back to this." Don't forget to come back to this. I think that proper grammar, proper punctuation is very important in these essay questions. The reason I say that is because a lot of times it's a retired school teachers or counselors that are reviewing these essay questions, so that's really important to them. Other times, say there are 100 students that have applied for this scholarship and they are all qualified, we need to find a really easy way to get that number down, narrow that number down. Sometimes looking at punctuation is a really easy way. We don't do that all the time or anything like that, but I do work on some pools that have 400 qualified students and so if somebody didn't go to the full effort of just having somebody proofread or simply just punctuating letters in the essay question, that can be really important.

Video: Cursor scrolls down to "Other Documents" section and points out the "Photo" and "FAFSA" questions. Cursor clicks in box under the question, "Please discuss your financial situation or any particular circumstances that you would like the selection committee to consider when reviewing your application." Types in "Dad lost job due to covid."
Voice over: After essays, we're going to ask for things like photo. It's not required, but I highly recommend. If you are awarded a scholarship, we will use that photo to kind of tell the state that you were awarded a scholarship. We also ask for FAFSA. Now, if you're not eligible to complete the FAFSA, we totally understand. Say, your parents just don't want to do the FAFSA this year, totally understand. I highly recommend that you do a FAFSA. That will kind of open all doors when it comes to not only student loans, but also grants in the state of Oklahoma, federal grants, like the Pell Grant. It will open all of your opportunities to financial need-based scholarships, as well. I do recommend going ahead and doing that, but you can skip over that. Something to mention is if you are not eligible to complete the FAFSA, you can actually scroll down to where it says please discuss your situation or any particular circumstances that you would like the selection committee to consider when reviewing your application. Here's a really good chance for you to explain maybe why you can't complete the FAFSA. I know there was a student last year without getting too specific – it sounded like her family came into a bit of money just this last year, so they didn't really want to file the FAFSA because it didn't really tell their true story, so she put that in this essay right here. I'm going to just say "Dad lost job due to COVID." Something else to keep in mind about the FAFSA – it did open up on October 1st. You don't have to have the FAFSA completed when you apply for our scholarships. You can start applying for our scholarships, get the FAFSA done, come back in, upload it here. You don't have to do one then the other. You can kind of do them step-by-step to each other. To qualify for the Oklahoma Tuition Assistance Grant, you do need to have your FAFSA done by December 1st at the latest, so I'd say it's really important to just go ahead and get it done.

Video: Cursor scrolls down the application and hovers over the Terms and Conditions.
Voice over: And then there's going to be a bunch of terms and conditions that I really recommend that you look at. I'm not going to today. I'm going to say "yes, yes, yes." We have you virtually sign this. "How did you hear about this?" I heard about it through a radio interview.

Video: Cursor clicks on the "Finish and Submit" button in the bottom right corner.
Voice over: And then I'm going to go ahead and hit Finish and Submit. So after you hit Finish and Submit, the system is looking over your General Application and it's saying, "Hey, okay, we see that this student is a high school senior. We see that they're from Harding Charter Prep. We see that they're interested in business. Okay, what scholarships do we have for that student?"

Video: A new page appears with a grey box that states: "Almost Done! Your previous applications have qualified you to apply to additional opportunities. We've recommended the ones you are most qualified for and have made those available here."
Voice over: And this is where it's going to say "Other recommended opportunities."

Video: The top of the page says "Recommended Opportunities." As the cursor scrolls, names of scholarships appear, including an "Apply" button and deadline next to each scholarship. Cursor highlights the Eligibility Requirements under the OGE Positive Energy Scholarship. Cursor clicks on the name of the scholarship.
Voice over: It's going to recommend things for you to qualify for based on the information you already put on your General Application. That application is just the first step. Then you'll need to go through all of these applications that it's recommended to you to see if you're able to apply for these. Most of the time, these applications just have one or two more questions tied to them and that's it. Once you hit apply, you submit, you're qualified for that scholarship. Let me just show you for an example. To see what all of the eligibility requirements are, you're first going to see a little snippet, but if you want to see the whole thing, you'll click on the name of the scholarship. Here you can read about all of the eligibility requirements. Make sure you're reading these carefully, so I'm just going to go through and say "Yes, I live in the OGE service area. Yes, I am interested in a STEM major. Yes, I do plan to go to the University of Oklahoma. Yes, I have a 3.25 GPA. Yes, my ACT score planning to get better than 25. I have a 20 now, but I'm really planning to get better. I'm going to go ahead and apply. See how that goes. And yeah, I'm interested in the energy field and I do have financial need. Yeah, I think I'm going to apply for this, what do I DO?"

Video: Cursor clicks the "Apply" button.
Voice over: Hit apply.

Video: Cursor clicks on "Add a New File" under the question, "Please upload a copy of your household's OG&E electric bill to show that you currently live in an OG&E service area. OG&E must be your electric service provider." Cursor selects a file and clicks on the "Finish and Submit" button.
Voice over: Once you hit apply, you'll see there's just one other thing you have to do. Please upload a copy of your household's OG&E electric bill to show that you currently live in the OG&E service area. OG&E must be your electric service provider. Okay, mom and dad, can you get me your electric bill. Alright. I'm going to go ahead and upload it.

Video: The page reloads and a green box at the top of the page appears that says "Your application to OGE Positive Energy Scholarship has been successfully submitted." Cursor scrolls down and views the list of scholarships.
Voice over: There's my electric bill. Finish and submit. And there, it's been successfully submitted. I'll go back and kind of show you where you can monitor those applications. But you'll really want to go through all of these. Click on the names, read the requirements if you're eligible, go ahead and apply. Be mindful of these deadlines.

Video: Mouse double clicks and highlights over the deadline.
Voice over: You do need to make sure that all the questions on this application right here and all the questions on your general application are how you want them to be answered by the time this deadline rolls around. You can always make changes, so say at the time this time rolls around (2-15) and your ACT has bumped up to a 32, go ahead and update that score in the General Application. But just know that after this kind of point in time for each of these deadlines, that's when the committee is going to review whatever is on your general application. If you qualify for all of these, go ahead and apply for every single one of them. Just make sure all of your materials are in by this date. Okay – this just shows you things that are recommended to you.

Video: Cursor hovers over "Opportunities" in the toolbar and clicks on "Ours."
Voice over: You can see everything we have to offer by going to "Opportunities" here and you'll hit "Ours."

Video: Page changes to a page titled, "Our Opportunities." The page lists out all scholarships through the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. The cursor scrolls through the page.
Voice over: "Ours" show you every single thing we have. This is everything. Just in case you inputted something wrong on the application, I don't think it can hurt you to go through everything we have to offer to make sure you aren't missing out on anything. Also, if you're going through these, you might see something that your friend qualifies for that you don't. You can kind of nudge them to complete this, as well. This is everything.

Video: Cursor clicks in the Search field and types in "female." Clicks enter. A new page appears with only the scholarships that contain the word, "female." Cursor clicks in the Search field and types in "Shawnee" and hits enter.
Voice over: You can search for certain things in here, so say I want to search for "female," we will see what's open to female students. You can then see all of these scholarships here are open to female students. Not necessarily, but it's a pretty good start. Type in a keyword, hit enter, then you can filter things out. Say your counselor gave you the name of the scholarship that you should really qualify for, I know that there's a scholarship actually that's open to Shawnee residents. You could type in "Shawnee" and we can see if there's a scholarship open to Shawnee students. It's the Karen Sue Freeman Memorial Scholarship. My guidance counselor said "Yes, that's the one I could qualify for." Go ahead and complete that.

Video: Cursor hovers over "My Applications" in the blue toolbar. The page changes to a new page, which has the word "Status" at the top of the page. The page includes the names of the scholarship applications that have been completed. The cursor highlights the word, "submitted" under the General Application. The cursor scrolls down to the word, "Current" and highlights the names of submitted applications, including the OGE Positive Energy Scholarship. Cursor Clicks on the scholarship named "Guy & Ginger Zimmerman Scholarship."
Voice over: If you'd like to see all of the applications that you've kind of been working on, go to "My Applications." You can see the status of your General Application here. It's going to go ahead and say submitted. If you want to make any changes to that, you just click on the name here. Here are all of the scholarships that you're kind of working on right now. Remember that we did that OG&E scholarship. We did submit it. What are these here? Well I'm going to show you what these are. These right here are - if you click on Guy and Ginger Zimmerman Scholarship – there's nothing that I need to do to qualify for that. Rather, if I have submitted the General Application and I meet the requirements for that scholarship, then I'm going to be automatically considered. All that is required for that is graduating seniors from an Oklahoma high school, greater than a 3.0 GPA, and I want to go to OU. Since I meet all of those qualifications, I'm going to be automatically considered for that scholarship. There's nothing else I need to do. There's going to be a few of those like that for you since you're a Harding Charter Prep student. We have other scholarships that are kind of like this. A lot of our scholarships for our Lawton scholarships will automatically qualify you for them. You don't have to do anything.

Video: Cursor clicks on "General Application" and scrolls to the question, "Grade/Year in School." Cursor clicks on the drop-down menu and selects, "High School Junior." Cursor clicks on "Update Your Application" in the bottom right corner.
Voice over: I want to just show you – if you go to General Application, I want to show you what the High School Junior application looks like in case there are some juniors that are listening to me today. Let's go back up here. Okay, so I'm going to say that I'm a high school junior and yes, I'm the first to attend college. I'm going to go ahead and update my application. I'll show you what this looks like.

Video: Cursor clicks on "My Applications" in the blue toolbar. Cursor hovers over "Opportunities" in the blue toolbar and clicks on "Recommended."
Voice over: I'm going to go to my application. I'm going to go to Recommended Opportunities here – Opportunities – Recommended. I'm going to see if anything pops up for me.

Video: Cursor scrolls and points out the "New Opportunities" Scholarship. The cursor clicks on it. The cursor then hits on the "Apply" button in the bottom right corner.
Voice over: "New Opportunity Scholars." This is that high school junior one. Go ahead and click on it. A junior attending a high school in this network. This is New Opportunities is for high school juniors. This is the only one we have for high school juniors. You can scroll through the other ones that you're not missing out on anything. This is the only one. Hit Apply. And this does get you kind of familiar with our system for your senior year because you can qualify for other scholarships in our system, as well. Go ahead and hit "Apply." There are going to be some questions that you need to answer as a high school junior. Hit Submit and that will qualify you for that scholarship. I think it's really important to read all of the text, all of the instructions really carefully. I know it's a very instruction-heavy system, but this could really qualify you for thousands of dollars in scholarship opportunities. The OG&E scholarship is for $15,000 per year for four years. The Carolyn Watson scholarship, which is for rural Oklahoma students is $12,000 per year for four years and can be used toward graduate schools if you have any scholarship money left. Keep that in mind. By reading the instructions and completing all of this, it can qualify you for thousands and thousands of dollars.

Video: Cursor hovers over "References" in the Blue Toolbar and clicks. A new page appears with the words "Letter of Recommendation" at the top of the page. The cursor points out the name of the recommender, email address, and the term, "Requested." One thing that I do want to point out again – I talked about references, but you can manage your references up here in this toolbar by clicking on references. You can see if that recommender has submitted their letter of recommendation, look at the statuses. Right now it just says requested, so an email has just been sent to that person, but it's been requested, but nothing has been done. Once they've submitted their letter of recommendation, it will transition over into submitted. It will say submitted. You can resend the request. And again, if for whatever reason they don't receive that request, they can simply email us at

I showed you the General Application, I showed you the New Opportunities Scholars application if you are a high school junior, I showed you how to apply for any and all of our recommended opportunities. The last thing I do want to mention to you is our timeline for awarding. I told you about all of the deadlines that we have for all of our opportunities. We really work hard to get our reviewers to look at the applications soon after the deadline. We typically say it could take around a month for us to review and make a decision. Within a month of applying, up to two months of applying, you might find out if you've been awarded a scholarship. We do send your award letters to your home address.

Video: Cursor clicks on "My Applications" in the blue toolbar.
Voice over: Oftentimes if you're not awarded a scholarship, we will not notify you, but will make sure in this "My Applications" tab, so you can go in here and check the status. If you go into My Applications and you're not awarded, it might update here and say Not Awarded. You can kind of just clicking back and forth and seeing. If you have any questions, email us at Just know that our applications are pretty competitive. It's always really hard to make decisions on these, especially if you've completed everything like you're supposed to. We have a system of people throughout the community, that work for us, who are representative of our community to review our applications, so we are working to make the most fair decisions that we possibly can. Keep that in mind.

Video: Cursor goes into the URL address bar and types in "occf.or/scholarships" and scrolls to photos of the scholarship staff members, including Rick Fernandez, Wanda Minter, and Jessica Schwager
Voice over: If you have any questions at all, I'm going to pull up our website one more time – You can see these are the three people that work in the scholarship office over here. That's me right here. You can email us or give us a call if you have any questions at all. I do recommend starting here and learning about you can do to kind of prepare yourself for applying for scholarships.

That's all I have for today. Thank you so much. And we hope you apply for our scholarships.