Rebloom Oklahoma: Bulb Planting 101

Text on screen: Bulb Planting 101 with Brian Dougherty
Sound: Gentle music in the background
Video: Brian Dougherty on one knee in planting soil.
Brian Dougherty: This is Brian and today we're at Capitol View Neighborhood Park. And what I'd like to do is give you some quick tips on how to plant the daffodils. If you're seeing this video, that means you too have been awarded daffodils as part of the Rebloom Oklahoma program that the Oklahoma City Community Foundation is sponsoring. So today what we want to do is talk some about the daffodils.

Video: Brian picks up cask of daffodil bulbs.
You will get bags like this - sometimes more, sometimes less - just depending on how many linear feet.

Video: Brian uses tape measure to determine a distance of five inches.
Text on screen: Bulbs should be spaced in a row and 5 inches apart.
We want to use a tape measure to space out the bulbs and the bulbs are spaced at 5 inches apart. If we have a double row on a perimeter, you just alternate space them.

Video: Brian picks up a trowel.
And then some of you will have a lesser number and it's easy just to plant them with a trowel.

Video: Brian demonstrates how to dig with the trowel
Easiest thing to do, is go in between the bulb and...

Text on screen: Plant bulbs at a depth equal to 1.5 tims their width.
Video: Brain puts bulb in the hole he just dug.
We're trying to plant these bulbs at about one and a half times what their diameter is in the ground, so on these bulbs - the tip of the bulb, the point of the bulb - will be about a half an inch into the ground and...

Text on screen: Dig - Drop - Done!
Video: Brian puts another bulb in a hole and pats dirt on top of it.
so we'll just dig these and then place them. These will get watered in. It's easiest to go in between.

Video: Brian picks up a drill with an auger on the end.
Now, on some of these projects, they're so large that you'll have 100 - 200 bulbs, might be easier to use a little bulb auger.

Video: Brina uses the auger drill bit to dig a hole for a bulb, then puts a bulb in and pats dirt over it.
We do the same thing, except it's on a drill and we're going to turn around and drill a hole, plant it, pat it in. Sometimes you can add mulch to them and what we're going to be doing, is just waiting for them to come up next March and April.

Video: Brian stands up holding the drill.
Be sure to check out our planning guide that's linked with this video.

Text on screen: Email Video: Brian standing with the drill.
And if you have any special questions or need any other assistance, feel free to contact Brian Dougherty at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. Happy planning and let's Re-bloom Oklahoma together.

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