Descriptive Transcript – Pendleton Woods

(Music plays) MaryAnn Brown: "Everywhere you look around this town, you may not know it, but you see Pen Woods. And Pen’s mantra, if he had one, was let’s make it a better place."
Video: MaryAnn Brown Interview

Video: Drone shot of Oklahoma Christian University campus

Voice: Throughout every generation, there are the men and women who truly leave the world better than they found it.
Video: Photos of Pendleton Woods

Voice: Oklahoma City’s own Pendleton Woods faithfully served as a soldier in both World War 2 and the Korean War, living for four months as a P.O.W.
Video: Photos of Pendleton Woods; Photo of Concentration Camp

Voice: It was those experiences that inspired his commitment to serving his community just as faithfully as he did his country.
Video: Photo of Concentration Camp; Photos of Pendleton Woods

MaryAnn Brown: "Just like what John F. Kennedy said, 'what can I do for my country?'' instead of what I see a lot now, 'what can my country do for me?'' For many reasons, that alone was why he was a wonderful mentor for me."
Video: MaryAnn Brown on Oklahoma Christian University campus; MaryAnn Brown Interview

Voice: His time as a prisoner of war both strengthened his character and softened his heart – laying the foundation for a legacy of tireless service and generous giving to the causes he loved.
Video: Photo of Pendleton Woods with war memorabilia

Nancy Anthony: "Penn just had such a diverse group of interests, but they all came back to ‘This is a great country. We ought to be proud of it. We ought to be generous and try to help the country, but also help the people in the country."
Video: Nancy Anthony Interview; Nancy Anthony reviewing Pendleton Woods files

Voice: Today, his legacy lives on through the partnership he built with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and the countless hours he dedicated to the causes he believed in. A lifelong Boy Scout leader, co-founder of the 45th Infantry Division Museum, author of 15 historical books, volunteer for veteran care, contributor to the beautification of our city … patriot, mentor and friend … Pen left a permanent mark on the hearts of all who knew him.
Video: Exterior of Oklahoma City Community Foundation building; Boy Scouts of America; 45th Infantry Division Museum; books authored by Pendleton Woods; Oklahoma Christian University campus; Photos of Pendleton Woods

Steve Mason: "He was a remarkable man that when something needed to be done, he would do it with enthusiasm." Video: Steve Mason Interview

Voice: Pen knew that what matters most is not just the size of the donation you make. It’s the size of the difference you can make. And with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, he could make every dollar and every hour he gave go so much further. Video: Boy Scouts of America Last Frontier Council building signage; A life of volunteering newspaper headline; Drone shot of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation building; 45th Infantry Division Museum

Steve Mason: "And Jesus spoke in the Bible to his disciples and he spoke about, 'Yes, the rich people give more.' But then he talked about the widow who put her two coins in the offering and Jesus spoke of that she actually gives more because she gave all her means. And for 20 years I’ve often thought Pen Woods was that story. For the wealth he had, I think he was the most generous person in Oklahoma City, financially."
Video: Steve Mason Interview; Newspaper headlines and photos of Pendleton Woods

Nancy Anthony: "It gave him a place to donate to all of his different interests, but also with the expectation that those contributions would last beyond his lifetime."
Video: Drone image of downtown Oklahoma City skyline from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation; 45th Infantry Division Museum; Nancy Anthony interview

Voice: If you have a desire to make a difference in your community, we can help you make it happen.
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Voice: The Oklahoma City Community Foundation. Simple. Effective. Forever.
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