How to Apply for a Scholarship

Visual of OCCF Logo coming up over background of OKC Skyline.

Sophie Graham on Camera walking in front of brick building.
Sophie: Hey everyone, I never thought I'd be able to attend college, but when a friend told me about the exciting opportunities and scholarships offered through the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, I knew I had to apply and check it out.

Visual Sophie now sitting on steps near a brick building sitting down working on her laptop.
Sophie: When I checked out the website, my mind was blown. There are so many scholarships that I could apply for. Oklahoma City Community Foundation offers…

Visual of $2.5 Million in Scholarships.
Sophie Voice: 2.5 million dollars in scholarships every year to students just like you and me.

Visual of Sophie back on camera.
Sophie: All you have to do is apply.

Visual Graphic lap-top: Visit Scholarships available to high school students, college students, and non-traditional students.
Sophie Voice: First thing you do is visit Click on the sign- up button in the right- hand corner to create an account.

Visual of both split-screen with graphic of computer screen and words on screen that reads: Use 12 characters. 1 number. 1 Uppercase ltter. 1 Lowercase letter. 1 Special Character.
Sophie Voice: Make sure you come up with a unique password. You will see a green checkmark once you've entered your password successfully.

Visual of Close-up laptop screen with email highlighted on screen.
Sophie Voice: You will receive an email from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation that will prompt you to the next step of the process.

Visual of graphics on screen General Application.
Sophie Voice: Called the general application

Visual of phone with messages as junk is highlighted. Graphics on screen: If you cannot locate: Check your spam or junk folder.
Sophie Voice: Check your email spam or junk folder for this email. This is basically your student profile.

Visual graphic of laptop highlighting specific scholarships.

Visual holds.
Sophie Voice: Now you can apply for all of the scholarships recommended for you.

Visual of magnifying glass hovering over various scholarship listings on the laptop that highlights certain ones.
Sophie Voice: Based on the information you've already submitted, we will be able to show you the scholarships you qualify for.

Visual of arrow pointing to Apply button on home-screen of laptop. Graphics: Apply for Scholarships recommended for you.
Sophie Voice: Click on the apply button for all of the scholarships for which you qualify.

Visual of laptop home-screen with OCCF logo and graphics: Thank You. Your applications have been submitted.
Sophie Voice: Once you've completed this portion, hit submit.

Visual of graphics on screen: Manage your references.
Sophie Voice: to manage your references.

Visual of reference letters with graphics: Submit at least one letter of recommendation.
Sophie: You are required to submit at least one letter of recommendation as part of the process.

Visual of letter being uploaded onto laptop screen.
Sophie Voice: Be sure to remind your references to upload their letters.

Visual of laptop screen with graphics: OCCF Logo. Upload Successful with green check mark.
Sophie: If they cannot send them electronically,

Visual of letter going into mailbox with address: P.O Box 1146 Oklahoma City, OK. 73101-1146.
Sophie Voice: They can mail a hard copy to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.

Visual of clock with hands turning. Graphics: All information must be received prior to the application deadline.
Sophie Voice: It's important that all information must be received prior to the application deadline.

Visual of laptop opened up to Student profile. Graphics: Check your profile regularly.
Sophie Voice: Remember to check your profile regularly.

Visual of OCCF Logo over city skyline. Graphics: 405-235-5603 P.O. Box 1146 Oklahoma City, Ok. 73101-1146
Sophie Voice: I know if might seem like a lot of work at first, but believe me it's well worth it. If you have any questions, just contact us at the address on the screen.

Visual of Sophie on screen.
Sophie: Good luck, and you could be the next OCCF scholarship recipient.

Visual of full screen OCCF Logo. Graphics: OCCF Logo. 405-235-5603
P.O. Box 1146, Oklahoma City, OK. 73101-1146