Trustee Scholarship Initiative

The Trustee Scholarship Initiative was started in 1998 as a way to ensure that students graduating from central Oklahoma high schools could continue their education. Since it started, the initiative has awarded more than $5 million in scholarships and free training and resources for hundreds of high school counselors.

The initiative is comprised of the five programs outlined below.
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Community Foundation Scholars
The Community Foundation Scholars program rewards the under-served segment of college-bound students – those who do not qualify for the most competitive academic scholarships but who are good students and who are active in school activities and in their communities. The $3,000 per student scholarship is a one-time award. Eligible students should review the application process. Contact Rick Fernandez for more information or view the brochure.

New Opportunities Scholars
Through the New Opportunities Scholars program, we are helping students become the first in their family to pursue a post-high school education. Scholarship recipients apply as high school juniors and are approved for a program of specific activities that prepare them for college admission. Upon completion of the activities, the student receives a $3,000 award to any accredited post-secondary school. Contact Rick Fernandez for more information or view the brochure.

Oklahoma Youth With Promise Program
Through the Oklahoma Youth With Promise program, we award scholarships to students who graduate from high school while in Oklahoma’s foster care system.  Contact Wanda Minter for more information or view the brochure.

Nurse Education Program
The Nurse Education Program offers scholarships to third and fourth year college students enrolled in a nursing program, as well as practicing Registered Nurses who are pursuing a nursing-related bachelors’ degree. Contact Wanda Minter for more information or view the brochure.

Non-traditional Student Application
The Oklahoma City Community Foundation Non-traditional Student Scholarship application is for Oklahoma students pursuing advanced degrees at Oklahoma colleges, universities, and career or vocational-technical centers. Contact Michelle Wallace for more information.

The Central Oklahoma Guidance Counselor Network
An important ingredient of the Trustee Scholarship Initiative is the involvement of the guidance counselors at each of the participating high schools. For many students, the guidance counselor is an important source of information on college admissions and financial aid resources. Through the Central Oklahoma Guidance Counselor Network, we host two free workshops a year that feature specific information, updates on pertinent issues and campus visits to universities, colleges and technology centers both in Oklahoma and in neighboring states. As an added incentive for participation, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation provides at least one Community Foundation Scholars award to each high school with a participating guidance counselor. For more information, contact Rick Fernandez.

Central Oklahoma Guidance Counselor Network Resource Page.

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