Together We Can Make a Difference

We are witnessing a crisis never before seen in our lifetime. The disruption caused by COVID-19 is affecting the lives of billions across the globe, as we are required to adapt to new lifestyles for the unforeseeable future. In Oklahoma City, we have responded to many different disasters, and we have responded generously.

This pandemic has forced our government leaders to take unprecedented measures to help slow down the spread of this disease. The Oklahoma City Community Foundation has created the 2020 Disaster Relief Fund that will assist those in our community impacted by the virus, particularly those who are most vulnerable. The fund is flexible and will provide dollars for immediate needs to those seeking medical access, basic needs as well as provide help for our aging citizens.

To Donate:

As Oklahomans, we’ve seen our share of disasters before, and through it all, we always find a way to stand tall, to rise up and to help our fellow citizens endure. We are asking all who are willing to please donate to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation 2020 Disaster Relief Fund.

Please visit to make an online donation and use fund name 2020 Disaster Relief Fund. Funds will be used to meet needs of individuals in our community through local service organizations and charities.

To Apply for a Grant:

Qualifying organizations include 501(c)(3) nonprofits, churches, government agencies and schools providing direct services and assistance to individuals who have been impacted by COVID-19. Individuals cannot apply to receive a grant. Funding preference will be given to organizations working with vulnerable populations, including the elderly.

We will begin accepting letters of inquiry April 1. Please send a brief paragraph that includes the following:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The name and address of your organization
  • A short paragraph describing the proposed activity/program, and the target population
  • Approximate budget and amount requested

Please email the letter of inquiry to All questions should be directed to this email. Funding will be considered as it is available.