Releaf 2021: Tree Recovery

Significant storm damage this past winter destroyed much of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area tree canopy. Committed to adding and improving green spaces throughout our community, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation is inviting neighborhood associations in the Oklahoma City metropolitan tree canopy area to apply to receive new trees for succession planting.

If you are affiliated with a neighborhood association in this area, complete the application below BEFORE Oct. 13, 2021. Trees are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We encourage qualified neighborhood associations to apply well before Oct. 13, 2021. The Oklahoma City Community Foundation will provide Oklahoma proven species of trees, which will be dependent upon the proposed planting area. Trees will only be awarded to neighborhoods that plan for succession planting in ungated portions of their neighborhood frontage, medians, greenbelts and parks.

Qualified neighborhood associations will be notified prior to Oct. 22, 2021. Delivery of trees will be coordinated with each recipient. Trees must be planted by Dec. 31, 2021. Neighborhood associations are responsible for planting and maintaining trees awarded.

We plan to offer several shade tree varieties, including bald cypresses, several oak varieties, some shantung maples, a few sycamores and a couple of different elms.

However, due to a significant tree shortage impacting the state, we are uncertain about the exact numbers and species of trees. We will work with your neighborhood on a case-by-case basis to supply a variety that will best suit your needs. As a first step, please apply for Releaf 2021 using our application.

“Succession planting” is planting trees to maintain tree canopy coverage. The purpose of this initiative is to start replacing some of the tree canopy lost to last year’s extremely devastating winter. Many trees have lost so much of their canopy that we need to plant new trees to add to the reduced canopy.

Simply put, we are planting new trees in the same general area to supplement those that were lost or others that are still trying to recover. Therefore, we are not offering new trees to be planted in areas where trees have never been planted before.

Neighborhood associations are responsible for planting and maintaining trees awarded. OCCF will only provide the trees themselves; this means neighborhoods will be responsible for any other items such as mulch, tools or treegators. As much as we’d like to provide more resources, it just isn’t feasible. 

We do have several resources below to help you plant and maintain new trees!

If you have more questions, please contact us directly, or join us at our information sessions on Sept. 9 or Sept. 16.

Applications are closed. Thank you for your interest.

If you've already applied, we will be in touch shortly.

Important Dates:

  • Complete and submit the application before Oct. 13, 2021.
  • Qualified associations will be notified no later than Oct. 22, 2021
  • Last day to plant trees: Dec. 31