Recycled Generosity Helps Community Thrive

The Jones Fire Department
Jones firefighter Mark Taylor gives Madewell & Madewell co-owner Carmalieta Wells a tour of the newly-expanded fire station funded through a gift from the company’s fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.

When Mr. Madewell handed his battery recycling company in Jones, Oklahoma, off to Carmalieta Wells and Bill Dean, he also passed down a legacy of doing good. To help continue his tradition, the new owners established a charitable fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation to support educational and civic initiatives throughout the Jones community.

“A need arises and we figure out how to meet it head on,” said Carmalieta.

Most recently, the company used the fund to support a building addition for the Jones Volunteer Fire Department.

“We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the help of Madewell & Madewell,” said Jones firefighter Mark Taylor. “They’ve given so much and are so supportive of this community.”

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