Olive Hill Cemetery Association, Inc., Berta Bailey Lay Memorial Fund

Address: P. O. Box 381700, Duncanville TX 75138-1700

Contact: Donna Hocking

Phone: 405/463-9047

Email: donna@olivehill.org

Website: www.olivehill.org

Description: This historic Oklahoma City cemetery, located at 10501 North Rockwell, was established in 1891 when Olive Hand Bailey deeded one acre of her farm for a neighborhood burial ground.  The Olive Hill Cemetery Association (OHCA) was incorporated in 1933.  Olive’s granddaughter, Berta Bailey Lay, inherited the farm, remodeled an abandoned schoolhouse on the property and moved there in 1950.  During the next 20 years, Mrs. Lay cared for Olive Hill and planted many of the flowers, shrubs and trees that still beautify the neighborhood.  When Mrs. Lay died in 1981, her four remaining children honored their mother by signing rights to the farm’s oil royalties to OHCA’s perpetual care.  In 2012, the OHCA leadership established the OHCA Berta Bailey Lay Memorial Fund as a Donor Designated Fund with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation to support the perpetual care, preservation and maintenance of this historic memorial site.

Population Served: General public

Region: Oklahoma City

Services: History

Make an online donation to this organization’s permanent endowment fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.