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The Musical Swings Come to Oklahoma City!

Sept. 20-Oct. 13, 2019

The Musical Swings: An Exercise in Musical Cooperation

The Montreal-based interactive art installation that has toured New York City, San Jose, Detroit, West Palm Beach and Green Mountain Falls is coming to Oklahoma City Sept. 20 through Oct. 13, 2019! The Musical Swings is a giant collective instrument known for encouraging collaborative behaviors between strangers. Each swing in motion triggers a different note from a different instrument, composing musical pieces in which certain melodies emerge only through cooperation.

A Free Event for the Whole Family!

  • Experience downtown Oklahoma City like never before.
  • Take your turn on the set of 10 musical swings.
  • Create the sound of a piano, harp, guitar or vibraphone.
  • When your swing moves in time with nearby swings, you’ll be making music!

A project by Daily tous les jours

Brought to Oklahoma City by the Oklahoma City Community Foundation: Your Connection for Good