More than $8 million to be Distributed to Area Charities

During October, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation will distribute more than $8 million in endowment earnings to nearly 360 charitable organizations through the largest program of its kind in the nation.

“Our charitable organization endowment program offers area charities with the opportunity to create a permanent, sustainable source of funding,” said Nancy B. Anthony, President. “These funds also offer a simple way for donors to make a lasting contribution to support organizations they care about.”

The Community Foundation administers nearly 360 permanent endowments through the program that benefit a wide range of charitable organizations serving the community in areas such as education, health care, social services, arts and culture and animal welfare. The endowment funds are invested for growth and a percentage of the fund is distributed back to the organization each year.

“Establishing an endowment fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation is a simple way for us to receive dependable financial support for our program,” said Sara Jacobson, executive director for Children’s Hospital Volunteers. “In addition, we now have so many giving options at our disposal, allowing us to offer our donors more ways for them to help and leave their legacy.”

To learn how you can make a gift to a charitable organization endowment, visit For a list of all endowment funds, click here.