Make a Gift to Charity and Receive a Guaranteed Paycheck for Life!

Steve Kamm with students at Oklahoma City Community College

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation can help you make a gift to your favorite charitable cause and receive a guaranteed, secure “paycheck” for life with a charitable gift annuity (CGA).

CGAs may be used to support or establish any charitable fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, including scholarships. Retired professor Steve Kamm (pictured above) established a CGA that provides him with an annual income stream. The remainder of the annuity will support a scholarship for international students attending Oklahoma City Community College.

“When I learned that most financial aid programs are not available to international students, I wanted to find a way to help,” Steve said. “My financial advisor suggested the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.”

How Does a Charitable Gift Annuity Work?

Gift Annuity Rates
Act fast, these rates will only be applicable through Dec. 31, 2019.
Age 60 = 4.7%
Age 65 = 5.1%
Age 70 = 5.6%
Age 75 = 6.2%
Age 80 = 7.3%
Age 85 = 8.3%
Age 90+ = 9.5%
Source: American Council on Gift Annuities
  1. You make a tax-deductible gift (cash, securities, real estate or other assets) to the Community Foundation.
  2. We send you a guaranteed income for life (a percentage of the annuity based on your age).
  3. Your chosen charity receives the remaining balance in the annuity.
  4. Act before Jan. 1, 2020, to take advantage of the higher CGA payout rates.

For example, a 75-year old can expect to receive a 6.2% rate of return and an approximate charitable deduction of 45% of the face value of the contract.

Learn more about CGAs or contact Joe Carter, Vice President of Development, 405/606-2914 to request your personalized gift annuity illustration.

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