Local Charitable Organizations to Receive More Than $10 million during Oklahoma City Community Foundation Endowment Fund Disbursement

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation will distribute $10.4 million to 371 charitable organizations serving central Oklahoma during its 2021 disbursement, an increase of $1.4 million more than this time last year.

“This program provides an important source of funding to help ensure vital charitable services and programs will continue in our community,” said Nancy B. Anthony, Oklahoma City Community Foundation President. “This is necessary funding for these organizations as they navigate through very difficult times brought on by a global pandemic.”

The largest program in the nation of its kind, the Community Foundation’s Charitable Organization Endowment program includes organizations in central Oklahoma servicing such as education, health care, social services, arts and culture.

“The Edmond Mobile Meals endowment fund is instrumental in the sustainability of our program. We have provided 47 years of trusted service to Edmond’s homebound seniors, and last year we served our one millionth meal,” said Cristi Twenter, Edmond Mobile Meals executive director. “The endowment fund program at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and matching grants from the Kirkpatrick Family Fund help us continue the legacy of serving Edmond’s most vulnerable seniors for generations to come so that no senior in Edmond ever goes hungry or feels forgotten.”

Each year, beneficiary charitable organizations receive a cash distribution equal to 5% of the fund’s average market value for the previous 12 quarters, allowing them to benefit from the Community Foundation’s general investment pool in years of exceptional investment performance like 2020, while remaining protected when the market it more volatile.