Learn More on How One Family Accomplished Their Charitable Giving Goals and Made a Greater Impact in the Oklahoma City Community with the Help of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation

A man walking a black dog and a woman walking a white dog.

Kevin and Lisa Putt share a love of dogs of all shapes and sizes. Their passion for our furry friends inspired them to want to make a difference in the lives of unwanted dogs and cats. With the help of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and their financial advisor, the Putts arranged to leave a gift in their will to support Free to Live Animal Sanctuary.

Free to Live is the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the state, providing a home for around 300 animals on the property. The only way Free to Live can stay remain operational is through donations from individuals in the community – like the Putts – who share their passion for dogs and cats.

The Putts have also left gifts in their will to establish scholarships at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation to support students studying veterinary medicine at Oklahoma State University.

By attending classes at the Community Foundation and working one-on-one with the team, the Putts were able to turn their passions into a lasting legacy.

“They took the time to question where we wanted out impact to be,” Lisa Putt said about her and Kevin’s experience working with the Community Foundation. “For us, that was incredibly important because we feel now our legacy is stronger than when we thought it would be in the beginning.”

“For people who want to leave their community better than they found it, but don’t feel like they may have enough to set something up on their own, the Community Foundation can help,” added Kevin. “They look at what the donor wants to accomplish, and they find a fund – or two or three funds – that meets what the donor wants to do. I think that is a huge benefit.”

If you would like more information on how you can accomplish your charitable goals and make a greater impact on your community, contact Joe Carter at (405) 235-5603.