How the Oklahoma City Community Foundation is Helping a Former Oklahoma County District Judge Support Mental Health Services

Judge Nancy Coats-Ashley in a courtroom

When former Oklahoma County District Judge Nancy Coats-Ashley was looking for a way to make a difference with her charitable gifts, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation helped her find the perfect solution. A longtime advocate for mental health issues, Judge Coats-Ashley was instrumental in the creation of the first mental health court in the southwest United States. Through her experience with defendants who were dealing with mental illness, she recognized the need for an alternative path that could lead to treatment and rehabilitation rather than incarceration.

“The success stories of mental health court graduates are just remarkable,” Judge Coats-Ashley said. “With proper treatment, they are able to return to work and go on to live healthy, productive lives, while also reducing the burden on our criminal justice system.”

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation helped Judge Coats-Ashley further her community legacy through the creation of a donor advised fund that will permanently support causes important to her, like Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma. In addition, she used the remainder of her campaign funds to create a scholarship for graduate students studying mental health services.

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