How a Perpetual Gift is Helping Employ People Experiencing Homelessness in Oklahoma City

Born into a philanthropic family, Suzanne Silvester grew up witnessing the value of charitable gifts firsthand. The daughter of arts patrons Howard and Merle ‘Buttram’ Melton, Suzanne saw the impact of her family’s generosity on charities and causes throughout the Oklahoma City community.

When she first opened the pages of The Curbside Chronicle in 2016, it opened her heart to a charitable cause that is changing homelessness throughout our community, and she was determined to play a part in the transformation. The monthly magazine employs people experiencing homelessness to both write and sell the publication, providing a source of income as well as a voice for our community’s most vulnerable citizens.

Through Suzanne’s donor advised fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, she supports The Homeless Alliance — the organization leading the charge with The Curbside Chronicle. Her fund supports the first full-time editor for the publication, allowing The Homeless Alliance to do more in-depth journalism and storytelling in every monthly edition.

With the help of a matching gift from the Kirkpatrick Family Fund, Suzanne also established The Homeless Alliance’s charitable organization endowment fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. The endowment not only provides annual support for their mission, but also allows other donors to make contributions to sustain the organization.

“Suzanne’s gift was a catalyst for our organization,” said Ranya Forgotson, director of The Curbside Chronicle. “Not only has it helped us expand our impact with the addition of a full-time editor, but it has also encouraged others to step forward and financially support the addition of our case manager and vendor coordinator positions.”

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