Grant Programs

We administer the following grants programs. Each program has its own set of guidelines and we encourage all interested nonprofit organizations to review the guidelines before making application. Click on the tab to read a summary for each of the grants programs and links to pages with additional information.

Parks & Public Space Initiative/Margaret Annis Boys Trust

The Parks & Public Space Initiative is a program designed to support the development of parks to meet the health, cultural and recreational needs of citizens in central Oklahoma. This initiative grew out of the Margaret Annis Boys Trust, which was established through a gift from Miss Boys’ estate in 1991 to support and encourage landscaping and beautification projects in parks, medians and other public lands in Oklahoma City. Grants from the Initiative and the Trust will support the planning, implementation and/or program development to encourage use of neighborhood and community public parks or spaces open to the public. Nonprofit organizations, neighborhood associations, municipalities and/or other groups with a vested interest in the development, beautification or expanded use of a particular space are eligible to apply. To review the guidelines and application process, please click here.

iFund Program

The iFund Program includes the following four focus areas:  1) Opportunities for Children, 2) Services for the Elderly, 3) Access to Health Care and 4) Culture & Community. Please check for guidelines and grant application deadlines. Questions? Please contact our staff.

Kirkpatrick Family Fund Endowment Matching Program

Charitable organizations establishing a new endowment fund or working to build an existing endowment at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation may qualify to participate in the Kirkpatrick Family Fund’s endowment matching grant program.

The purpose of the program is to encourage organizations to plan for their future, to develop a reliable source of funding that supports mission and program goals, to support maintenance and operations of capital projects through endowment building and to engage a broad base of contributors from the community. For more information, please contact Jennifer Meckling.

Find a list of organizations currently participating in the match here.

Kirschner Trusts

The five Kirschner Trusts have supported charitable projects in the Muskogee, Okla., area since 1979. In 2013, the assets of the trusts were transferred to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. To learn more about the Kirschner Trusts grant program guidelines and restrictions, click here.

The Donna Nigh Foundation

In 1985, the Donna Nigh Foundation was established as a charitable foundation in recognition of Mrs. Nigh’s commitment and work on behalf of Oklahoma’s developmentally disabled citizens, a cause she has championed since 1968. In 1997, Donna and her husband, former Oklahoma Governor George Nigh, transferred the assets of the foundation to create an endowment at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. To learn more about the endowment and its grants program for individuals and nonprofit organizations, please click here.

Carolyn Watson Rural Oklahoma Community Foundation

Founded by the late Carolyn Watson, chairwoman of Shamrock Bank, N.A., the community foundation supports grants to communities and public schools in designated rural Oklahoma communities. Mrs. Watson also established the Carolyn Watson Opportunities Scholarship to support awards to students living in rural areas throughout Oklahoma. For more information on the Carolyn Watson Rural Oklahoma Community Foundation, visit

OKCGetsFit and Wellness

Imagine residents of Central Oklahoma living vibrant active lifestyles, using the parks, trails, and public spaces to gather year-round for fun, physical activities. This is the goal of the OKCGetsFit program of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation (OCCF).

OCCF is seeking applications for projects that will inspire residents of the Metro Oklahoma City area to engage in fun and physical activities that will contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Feedback from the community indicates that while many individuals are naturally attracted to sports and fitness, others may need different types of motivation or interesting reasons to become physically active. Activities that are unique, nontraditional, or linked to other interests or causes may be the key to inspiring active engagement among those who are not physically active in their daily lives. Social connectedness has also been shown to be highly effective in encouraging people to engage in healthy lifestyles. For more information, visit