GiveSmart OKC

GiveSmartOKC logoGiveSmartOKC is a powerful new, free gateway to comprehensive and objective information about nonprofits in central Oklahoma, designed to make charitable giving more effective. Administered by the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and powered by GuideStar, GiveSmartOKC is an online database that benefits nonprofits, donors and the community. For more information or to request a GiveSmartOKC profile, email Below are resources to assist participating nonprofit organizations complete a GiveSmartOKC profile.

Download the complete manual:
GiveSmartOKC Nonprofit User Manual: Complete 46-page user manual for nonprofit organizations completing a GiveSmartOKC online profile. Updated 05/03/2012

Or download each section of the manual:
GiveSmartOKC Nonprofit User Manual – (Part 1) Introduction: What is GiveSmartOKC, Benefits for nonprofits, donors and the community. Updated 04/03/2012

GiveSmartOKC Nonprofit User Manual – (Part 2) Before you Begin: Important information for nonprofits to collect and review before completing a GiveSmartOKC online profile. Updated 05/03/2012

GiveSmartOKC Nonprofit User Manual – (Part 3) Step-by-Step Guide: Step-by-step instructions for nonprofits completing a GiveSmartOKC online profile. Updated 05/03/2012

GiveSmartOKC Nonprofit User Manual – (Part 4) Updating your Profile: Important instructions to update and maintain a current nonprofit profile. Updated 04/03/2012

GiveSmartOKC Financials Tab Worksheet:
Please download this Excel file to complete and then submit to your Coach. Updated 06/27/18

Going Beyond What is Required: Things To Consider

Learn how to include links in your Other Ways to Donate text box.

GuideStar Exchange Resources
Watch this step-by-step video to discover how to reach Exchange status on GuideStar. You will need to create an account (at no cost to you) to view the video. You may also want to download this step-by-step file to assist you in completing your Exchange profile in GuideStar.

Download the latest free version of Acrobat here.

GiveSmartOKC Nonprofit Profile Form

For nonprofit organizations that would prefer to create a GiveSmartOKC profile by manually completing a form rather than completing the online profile, download one of the following two documents and follow the instructions on page one:

Supporting materials:
National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities Core Codes (NTEE-CC) – for help completing the Organizational Categories field in the Statements and Search tab.

Nonprofit Program Classification (NPC) list – for help completing the Program Category fields in the Programs tab.

NPC Population code list – for help completing the Target Population Served fields in the Programs tab.

Board Attendance Worksheet

Assistance Sessions

What was previously called “trainings” are now known as assistance sessions. We realized that many of you don’t need training on how to complete a data field or upload a document but that you may want our staff’s assistance. Or more importantly, a good reason to leave your office and spend two uninterrupted hours completing your profile. If you are interested in attending an assistance session at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, contact