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GiveSmartOKC is a free online resource that contains information on over 350 local nonprofits making a difference in our community. You are invited to explore the nonprofits that interest you and research information about our community.


To be eligible for a GiveSmartOKC profile, your nonprofit must meet the below criteria:

  • Provide services in at least one of the eleven counties within the GiveSmartOKC service area: Oklahoma, Cleveland, Canadian, Lincoln, Logan, McClain, Grady, Pottawatomie, Kingfisher, Noble or Payne.
  • Ability to provide three years of board-approved financials
  • Current board of directors list
  • 501(c)3 tax determination letter from the IRS

GiveSmartOKC is not accepting new submissions at this time. To be put on a waiting list, please reach out to our team at

To access your profile, head to the GiveSmartOKC website. Once you're on the site, click the hamburger icon in the upper left corner of the screen and select "login."

Here at the OCCF, we use GiveSmartOKC in a variety of ways such as:

  • Directing financial planners, attorneys and advisors toward the platform to find verified nonprofit information for their clients;
  • Gathering annual compliance information like financials, board list and solicitations permit from our endowed partners in one easy-to-use place;
  • Partnering with corporations that have a social responsibility arm to help them easily identify organizations that align with their values;
  • And many other ways!

The General Public

How often have you thought to yourself, "Someday, I would like to make a difference in my community, but I have no idea where to begin!" With GiveSmartOKC, you can turn that someday into today!

GiveSmartOKC is your free resource to research over 350 nonprofits in central Oklahoma!  You can find any nonprofit you want to support by using the search box or filtering by topic area. You can have peace of mind when researching charities by knowing that the green check mark at the top of any profile is a recently vetted nonprofit by Community Foundation staff.

Take philanthropy into your own hands by learning more about a nonprofit's management, governance, financials, programs and so much more through GiveSmartOKC.

Most of the organizations listed on GiveSmartOKC have locations and operations right in central Oklahoma! We make finding an organization that is directly impacting  our community easy. Check out GiveSmartOKC today!

If you don't see a nonprofit you'd like to support on GiveSmartOKC, don't hesitate to reach out to us at and let us know the name of the organization! We'll do our best to encourage that group to complete a GiveSmartOKC profile.

Corporate Partners

GiveSmartOKC is your free resource for insights on nonprofits in central Oklahoma. Each nonprofit is vetted for specific standards before being published on the site. These nonprofits go above accountability by volunteering a transparent review of the organization’s operations and impact. With a wealth of information to find, your company can ensure that a contribution to any one of our GiveSmart-verified organizations is being put to good use! Just look for the green check mark at the top of a profile to know that it’s been recently updated by the nonprofit and verified by dedicated OCCF staff.

Still, trying to figure out where to start? Go to GiveSmartOKC and start typing keywords or phrases about causes you or your team want to impact. The website will start pulling up results on the right side of the page!

You can even use the Topics filter to search organizations by areas of impact whether it be Animals, Education and even Housing!

The GiveSmartOKC website was very intuitive and made it easy to choose the beneficiary for my Together We Give grant.  Knowing that the organizations were already vetted by the OKC Community Foundation made me comfortable when making my final decision.

 Veronica Regan, Bank of Oklahoma, VP, Treasury Services

I have a family donor-advised fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and I use GiveSmartOKC to research organizations I want to support. I review the financial trends and structure of an organization and the qualitative factors such as the depth of the leadership among the board of directors and management. An organization’s participation in GiveSmartOKC makes a statement that they are committed to four intangible areas that I greatly respect.

— Ed Krei, Bank Consultant

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