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DonorCentral is a convenient online reporting system for donors and charitable organizations with endowments at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.

Advised Fund Donors

For donors with either a Gift Fund or Legacy Fund, DonorCentral allows them to view fund balances, gifts to funds, grants made and grants pending — with information updated daily. Donors can also recommend grants electronically.

Donor Guide for the new DonorCentral

Charitable Organization Endowment Funds

DonorCentral provides staff and board members a simple way to track gifts to their charitable organization endowment fund, view annual distributions, review fund statements and keep up to date on quarterly investment performance.

Charitable Organization Endowment Guide to new DonorCentral

Scholarship and Award Endowment Funds

DonorCentral provides fund representatives a convenient way to track scholarships/awards made and pending, gifts to the endowment fund and quarterly investment performance.
Scholarship Endowment Guide to new DonorCentral