Considering a Private Foundation? Five Reasons to Start a Fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation Instead

Oklahoma’s former first lady Donna Nigh has spent most of her life championing the rights of our state’s citizens who have developmental disabilities. During her husband George Nigh’s time as Oklahoma Governor, she successfully advocated for legislation that increased funding for group homes. To ensure her impact continues to make a difference well beyond her lifetime, she transferred her private foundation to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, creating a permanent endowment that will forever support Oklahomans with disabilities.

Established in 1985 to help fund services that government agencies are unable to provide, The Donna Nigh Foundation awards grants for adaptive equipment that allows Oklahomans with developmental disabilities to push their boundaries and gain independence. In 1997, Donna and George Nigh transferred the private foundation to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation to provide administrative support and to ensure these programs continue indefinitely. The Nighs remain involved with the program, reviewing grant applications, making recommendations and encouraging charitable gifts to the fund.

“Governor and Mrs. Nigh are powerful advocates for individuals with developmental disabilities in Oklahoma,” said Nancy Anthony, Oklahoma City Community Foundation President. “Through The Donna Nigh Foundation, they are making a profound difference for these individuals and their quality of life.”

One example of the Donna Nigh Foundation’s impact can be seen at Dale Rogers Training Center, an Oklahoma City nonprofit that provides paid vocational training and employment programs for adults with developmental disabilities. A grant from the Donna Nigh Foundation helped install a crosswalk with special safety features, allowing clients to safely cross the street to access a training and skills development center.

“The crosswalk allows our clients with disabilities to go back and forth between programs on campus safely,” says Connie Thrash McGoodwin, Dale Rogers Training Center executive director. “We are so grateful for the Oklahoma City Community Foundation that allows donors like the Nighs to help us defray the cost of this essential piece of equipment.”

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation offers a number of alternatives to private foundations, simplifying the giving experience for donors. As a 501(c)(3) public charity, we handle all administrative and legal requirements, offer greater tax advantages and have fewer restrictions than private foundations.

Five reasons to consider transferring a private foundation to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation:

1. Greater tax deductibility for future gifts and no excise tax on fund assets.
2. All administration and reporting handled by the Community Foundation.
3. Professional expertise for researching grants and nonprofit organizations.
4. No required annual distribution to charity.
5. The ability to make grants anonymously.

To learn how the Oklahoma City Community Foundation can help you simplify your charitable giving, contact us at 405/235-5603.