Charitable Organization Endowment Program: Annual Compliance

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Annual Compliance Documents

With more than 360 organizations taking part in our Charitable Organization Endowment Program, we have a lot to keep up with. Before you can receive a distribution from your funds, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation has certain obligations to the IRS. To help us meet those obligations, we ask for your cooperation in providing information to us each year, within 45 days of your fiscal year end. 

For most organizations, this information includes: 

  1. Most recent 990/990-EZ (or Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet if you do not submit either of these annual filings) To learn more about the form 990 and who needs to file, see FAQs below
  2. List of board members for the current fiscal year including an email address for your Board Chair. Learn more about these requirements below.
  3. Annual Oklahoma Secretary of State registration in compliance with the Charitable Solicitations Act (or letter stating your exemption from this filing, signed by your board chair or Oklahoma State Attorney General. Learn more about these requirements below

If you keep your GiveSmartOKC profile up to date, you are already ahead of the game; thank you for engaging with this community tool! If you want to start your GiveSmartOKC profile, you can set one up by clicking here or emailing

If you do not have a GiveSmartOKC profile, you can submit your annual documents via the Annual Compliance Upload Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

GiveSmartOKC was launched many years ago as a tool for the Staff at OCCF to gather information about nonprofits in central Oklahoma and share that information with the community. Since then, the platform has evolved into a public tool, offering insight into the challenges of our community, through geo-coded census and health data, as well as offering rich information about the nonprofits who are effectively meeting our community’s needs. It is also the best way for your nonprofit to keep OCCF – and the public – up to date on what your nonprofit is doing. 

If you go to, you can register your organization’s profile by clicking “Add my Nonprofit” on the landing page. If you have any questions about building your profile, please reach out to Rebecca Parks who would love to help get your profile set up! We host in person training sessions for groups or individuals and we also accommodate Zoom! Be sure to check for upcoming training sessions! 

We will accept documents via our online Annual Compliance Upload Portal! This goes directly to our compliance gathering team!

If your organization is exempt from filing Form 990 or Form 990-EZ because it is affiliated with a church or governmental unit, please provide a current profit and loss statement. 

If your organization files a 990-N, please provide a profit and loss statement. Because your annual return to the IRS doesn’t say much about your organization, GiveSmartOKC is a great option for greater transparency and communication with the community.

If your organization is a chapter or affiliate of a national organization, please submit that 990 and a roster of the members of your local governing or advisory body. You can attract local donors to your local needs with your GiveSmartOKC profile. 

We recognize that filings can lag many months. We are looking for your most recently filed 990.  For example: your fiscal year ends 06.30.2022, we just need your 990 for fiscal year ending 06.30.2021.

The Community Foundation pledges accountability and transparency to our donors, and while your 990 lists your board members, it is often months, if not more than a year, behind. We like to help connect the community with your nonprofit, and your board is a key component to those connections. Letting the community know who currently serves in your leadership, advocacy and support roles is essential. Posting your updated board list on your GiveSmartOKC profile is a great way to signal to donors that you stay engaged with the community through your board. 

If there have been no changes to your board, please submit a list with the current fiscal year to indicate that it is up to date information. 

All nonprofit organizations who solicit or accept charitable contributions in Oklahoma must register with the Oklahoma Secretary of State each year. Exempt from the registration are churches, schools and universities, member-based organizations and fundraising committed on behalf of an individual. We require a copy of this registration annually or a letter stating that your organization is exempt from this requirement, signed by either the Oklahoma State Attorney General or your board chair. The text of the law is here. Helpful information about complying with this law is here. Oklahoma City Community Foundation cannot make a determination as to this exemption for your organization. 

A nonprofit organization is an entity recognized by the state of Oklahoma when a “Non Profit Certificate of Incorporation” has been filed with the Business Division of the Secretary of State. A charitable organization is defined in Title 18 Section 552.2 and is required to pursue this additional registration through the Secretary of State’s Charitable Organizations filing. 

Don’t worry, the Community Foundation staff has your back! We are here as a resource to your organization. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused about the process – just reach out! Whether it’s a remote guided session or an in-person workshop, any of our dedicated team members will be happy to help you in any way they can.