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Oklahoma City Community Foundation Awards $127,500 to Eight Nonprofits Helping Youth

Two boys playing tennis
First Serve OKC is one of eight recipients of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation’s Opportunities for Children iFund grants. The nonprofit received an $8,000 grant to support the Serving Up Aces school outreach program, a safe place for students to learn tennis and the life skills it teaches throughout the summer months.

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation is awarding $127,500 to help remove barriers and create opportunities for youth birth to age 14 through the Opportunities for Children iFund program.

The $127,500 was granted to eight central Oklahoma nonprofits to support projects that build school readiness, support youth living in foster care and provide recreational, social and cultural activities for youth who would not otherwise have the opportunity to participate.

First Serve OKC is one of the eight organizations that received funding from the grant program to support their multifunctional tennis program for Oklahoma City Public Schools students.

“Our Serving Up Aces program doesn’t just teach students how to play tennis, it also teaches valuable lessons on good nutrition and life skills as well as provides a safe space for students while their parents are still at work,”” said Emmy Tigert, executive director for First Serve OKC. “We are embracing the opportunity to connect with youth through this valuable program, and are grateful for the Community Foundation’s support.”

“The Community Foundation created the iFund program to provide an easy and effective way for our donors to support common needs within our community,” Oklahoma City Community Foundation President Nancy B. Anthony said. “Donors supporting the iFund program can use the Community Foundation’s expertise to make a greater impact in the community as we use the funds to support effective nonprofit programs that are helping Oklahoma City reach its full potential.”

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation awarded Opportunities for Children iFund grants to the following organizations:

Aspiring Attitudes | $10,000 to help youth with physical and/or intellectual disabilities, who would not otherwise have the opportunity, participate in a dance performance program.

Cavett Kids Foundation | $40,000 to help youth with life-threatening illnesses attend Camp Cavett, a summer camp offering recreation, character-building and connection opportunities.

Center for Youth and Families | $12,000 to support an after-school program with the Boys & Girls Club of Norman that helps at-risk youth with academic success, physical fitness and character development.

First Serve OKC | $8,000 to support the Serving Up Aces school outreach program, a safe place for students to learn tennis and the life skills it teaches throughout the summer months.

Jubilee Partners | $7,500 to support the Summer Kid’s Camp, a safe place for youth to engage in safe, fun, recreational and educational activities throughout the summer months.

Oklahoma City Community College Foundation | $20,000 to fund summer enrichment programming preparing students for STEM careers.

Riversport Foundation | $15,000 to support the Thrive Outside OKC program that helps engage at-risk youth in outdoor activities.

Thick Descriptions | $15,000 to fund a science, technology, engineering, anthropology and math (STEAM) program that helps fill learning gaps for at-risk students during school breaks.

An initiative of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation Trustees, the iFund program utilizes gifts from donors to support services for youth and elderly, as well as provide access to health care. Since 2011, the iFund program has awarded more than $4.4 million to charitable organizations serving central Oklahoma. For more information, visit

Seven Reasons Today’s Philanthropists Choose a Donor Advised Fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation as a Quick and Easy Solution for their Charitable Giving

Former Oklahoma County District Judge Nancy Coats Ashley established a donor advised fund at the OCCF to help her support causes important to her, like Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma. Read her story here.

Donor advised funds are the fastest growing giving vehicle in the nation. Why? Besides being one of the smartest ways to manage your charitable giving, donor advised funds, or DAFs, are easy, flexible and an alternative to a private foundation.

Here are seven other reasons a DAF might be right for you:

Easy to Establish and Use
The start-up time and cost are minimal for DAFs. Once established, donors have online access to contribute to their fund AND recommend grants from their fund – all with just the click of a button. The Oklahoma City Community Foundation even handles all the administrative aspects.

Give Cash and Noncash Assets
Donors can use a variety of assets to establish and contribute to their DAF, including cash, stock and real estate.

Invest and Grow Money Over Time
Your minimum gift of $20,000 to establish a DAF at the Community Foundation is invested, and the Community Foundation provides investment managers to help grow the fund.

Tax Benefits
You’ll receive a charitable tax deduction for the fair market value of your gift in the same year you make your donation. Plus, DAFs aren’t subject to excise taxes unlike private foundations.

You Don’t Have to Select a Charity Right Away
Sure, you’ll receive the charitable tax deduction immediately for your gift, but you aren’t forced to select a charity at the time your gift is made.

Simplify Your Record Keeping
When you do decide which charity(s) to support, your DAF will keep track of each contribution throughout the year and provide you only one tax document when it comes time to file your taxes.

It Can be a Family Affair
Engage your children and grandchildren in philanthropy by naming them as advisors of your fund, allowing your family the ability to give together while teaching them the importance of giving back.

Establishing a DAF at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation not only simplifies your giving, it amplifies it. As OCCF fund holders, you will have access to our staff’s local expertise and knowledge of legitimate charities in central Oklahoma working to make our community a better place.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our DAF expert, Joe Carter, today at 405/606-2914.