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Nonprofit Funding Holds Strong Despite Economic Downturn

A man at a table receiving information from a woman.
The OCCF’s Helen Stone prepares to hand over a distribution check at last year’s endowment distribution party.

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation announced today that more than $5.2 million in endowment fund distributions will go out this week to 365 central Oklahoma nonprofits. And, despite severe economic disruptions tied to COVID-19, the sum of this year’s distribution is an increase over the amount given in 2019.  

“These distributions help anchor the budgets for many of our nonprofit partners, assuring their long-term sustainability and allowing them to plan for the future,” said Nancy Anthony, president of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. “We could not be more pleased to report that the size of our annual distributions has not been affected by these uncertain times.”

Each fall, nonprofits that have established endowment funds at the Community Foundation receive a distribution generated from the fund. The funds are established by the respective organizations or individual donors and are managed through the Community Foundation’s Charitable Organization Endowment Program. In addition to an increased distribution amount, nonprofits are also receiving this year’s distribution months in advance to help with current fundraising and cash flow needs that might have been affected by the pandemic.

“We are excited about the size of this year’s distribution,” Anthony said. “Agencies will receive an average of $14,800, and 20 of the organizations will receive $50,000 or more.”  

Supporters have been donating through the Community Foundation’s endowment program for years, and now it is the largest of its kind in the nation.

“Some of the funds were established by Oklahoma City Community Foundation Founder John E. Kirkpatrick 50 years ago,” Anthony said, “and the size of our distributions have increased through the years, helping to strengthen our community and improve quality of life.”

Anthony said there are a lot of nonprofits in central Oklahoma making a real difference in the community, and it is important for the community to continue supporting them because of the positive difference they are making in people’s lives.

But many donors struggle to find organizations that best fit their individual interests, so the Community Foundation is hoping to help through, a website with in-depth information about more than 300 charitable organizations in the Oklahoma City area. is a great first step to giving,” Anthony said.

Learn how you can Make a Greater Impact in our Community Through Better Charitable Giving When you Tune in to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation’s NEW Podcast Today!

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The Oklahoma City Community Foundation is thrilled to announce an exciting new way we’re helping our community make a greater impact through better charitable giving decisions!

Our first-ever podcast, Creating Impact Through Giving, launched in early July and shares stories and conversations that highlight not only the passions behind charitable gifts, but also the tools and techniques that were used to make a significant difference for the donor’s favorite nonprofit or charitable cause as well as their taxes.

Why a podcast?

Podcasts are a great alternative to video and are made for easy listening. You can easily listen to Creating Impact Through Giving while driving in the car or while you’re doing mindless chores. You can listen directly through our website or stay notified when each new episode is released by subscribing through your favorite podcast platform, like Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher.

Check out our list of recently posted and upcoming podcasts below:

Episode 1: Discovering Your Charitable Passions
Release Date: July 13, 2020
In this introductory episode, we sat down with a few very important people at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation to discuss the history of the Foundation and the variety of ways we help our people in our community make a charitable impact.

Episode 2: The Gift of Education
Release Date: July 28, 2020
We recently wrapped up another successful (and unprecedented) scholarship season, awarding $2.5 million to nearly 800 students throughout the state of Oklahoma. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to chat with one of the donors that made these scholarships possible, discussing the ins and outs of how and why her family chose to establish a scholarship through the Community Foundation. We also had a few guest appearances by former Community Foundation scholarship recipients who shared how the gift of education impacted the trajectory of their lives.

Episode 3: Keep Your Distance but Keep Moving
Release Date: August 18, 2020
An important goal of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation is to activate change in areas that need it most. Through the creation and launch of, we’re helping make healthier lifestyle choices easier and more accessible. In this episode, we will discuss the launch of the free website, why it’s an important tool for the community, why exercise is good for everyone and how we’re collaborating with other community organizations to improve health statistics in central Oklahoma.

Episode 4: Strengthening our Local Nonprofits
Release Date: September 8, 2020
Did you know that, even with the financial insecurity caused by a global pandemic, our annual Charitable Organization Endowment distributions awarded to local nonprofits have not been affected. This reinforces just how dependable endowment fund distributions can be in critical times. In this episode, we’ll discuss the real value of endowment funds, how and why our community can support the endowment funds of local nonprofits (hint: it can be more than just a cash gift) and how the new and improved tool can help donors make a better giving decision.

What are you waiting for? Tune in to Creating Impact Through Giving today to learn how YOU can make a real difference in our community!