How & What to Give

Giving Now | Giving Later

Why Give Through the Oklahoma City Community Foundation?

We Keep It Simple – We handle all administration and legal requirements associated with endowments, allowing you to focus on your charitable goals.

Financial Benefits – Because we are a 501(c)(3) public charity, you receive the maximum tax benefits available for your charitable gifts.

Flexibility – We accept a variety of gifts and will customize a giving plan that fits your charitable goals.

How to Give

Give to an Existing Fund – You may give to any of the permanent endowments we administer to support charitable organizations, scholarships and awards, special purposes in the community or memorial gifts.

If establishing a fund is not the right choice for you but you’re interested in supporting the community both now and in the future, you may want to consider a charitable gift to the Fund for Oklahoma City. As an unrestricted fund, the Fund for Oklahoma City doesn’t support a specific program or project but instead allows our Trustees to respond to changing needs and opportunities in central Oklahoma.

Create Your Own Fund – Whether you want to honor a loved one’s memory, create a family legacy or simply give to the organizations you care about, we offer several fund options to help accomplish your charitable objectives.

Giving Now

Cash Gifts
Cash contributions may be in the form of cash, check, money order or cashier’s check.
Mail to:
Oklahoma City Community Foundation, PO Box 1146, Oklahoma City, OK 73101-1146

Deliver to:
1000 N. Broadway Ave., Oklahoma City, OK  73102
Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. (Directions)

Credit Cards
You can use any major credit card to make a gift to an existing fund through our secure online giving service. All gifts made with a credit card are subject to a fee of 3.0 percent to offset the credit card banking charges. However, the full amount of your gift made online is tax-deductible.
► IRA Charitable Rollover
The IRA charitable rollover is now a permanent option for individuals age 70½ and older who want to make a gift from their individual retirement account. Learn more about the IRA charitable rollover and how the Oklahoma City Community Foundation can help by clicking here.
Real Estate
Real estate such as homes, acreages and business properties can be used to make a charitable gift at the appraised value. If appreciated, capital gains taxes may be avoided on the real estate appreciation.
Retirement Plan Assets
You may use any retirement plan assets to establish a charitable fund or to give to an existing endowment. Retirement plan assets are subject to both estate tax and income tax. By designating a portion or all of the proceeds from your retirement plan, you can reduce a potential tax burden on heirs.
Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds
Gifts of appreciated stock, bonds and mutual funds can offer a significant tax savings. You receive a charitable deduction for the fair market value of the donated assets while avoiding capital gains tax. We have accounts at many brokerage firms and can easily facilitate the transfer of securities.
Business-related Assets
We accept gifts of individually-owned business assets including closely-held C-corp. and S-corp. stock, partnerships and LLCs.
Oil and Gas Interests and Royalty Interests
Using oil and gas working interests or royalty interests to make a charitable gift allows you to preserve liquid assets and reduces your taxable estate.

Giving Later

By including a charitable bequest in your will or trust, you may designate any of the types of gifts we accept to make a gift to an existing fund or to establish a charitable fund upon your death. By giving a percentage, the residual or your entire estate, you may provide your family with a substantial reduction in estate taxes. We offer sample bequest language.
Retirement Plan Assets
Naming the Oklahoma City Community Foundation as the beneficiary of your retirement plan assets allows you to establish a charitable fund upon your death or to designate the assets to an existing endowment. By transferring these assets to charity, you can avoid income and estate taxes and preserve 100 percent of your retirement fund assets for your charitable goals.
Life Insurance
Life insurance policies can be used to make a charitable gift without a significant outlay of cash. You can designate your policy to create a charitable fund or to make a significant gift to an existing endowment.
Charitable Gift Annuities
Through a charitable gift annuity (CGA), you can make a gift with cash or other assets now, receive income for life and, at the end of the annuity, the remaining assets will go to the charitable fund of your choice. We offer six annuity options.
Charitable Remainder Trusts
A charitable remainder trust (CRT) allows you to place assets in a trust that pays annual income for life or a term of years. Upon the trust’s termination, the remaining assets will go to the charitable fund of your choice. A CRT can provide significant tax benefits for yourself and for your heirs.
Charitable Lead Trusts
A charitable lead trust (CLT) allows you to transfer assets to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, with a percentage of the assets’ value directed to the charitable fund of your choice. At the end of the trust term, the remaining assets are passed on to designated heirs. A CLT offers several advantages including greatly discounted gift or estate taxes and any growth in the assets will be free of these taxes for the heirs. In certain cases, a charitable lead trust may also provide an income tax deduction at the time the trust is created.
Retained Life Estate Gifts
A retained life estate is a gift plan that allows you to donate a personal residence (including a vacation home) or a farm to a fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation while retaining the right to live there for the remainder of your life or a specified period of time. You thereby receive a large income tax deduction and simplify the administration of your estate upon death.