Building Community Impact

Children playing at Oak Grove playground.

“We’ve worked hard to create a good family living experience at Oak Grove. Seeing these kids out enjoying a game of soccer is a dream come true.”

Frank Miller
Oklahoma City Housing Authority

Great need and great generosity can be found in every corner of our community. By connecting the resources of passionate donors with hard-working charitable organizations, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation is building community impact to improve the lives of our neighbors.

Whether through building endowment support for a free clinic or providing scholarship opportunities for students in foster care, we are dedicated to serving the needs of our community. From a free wellness program at Douglass High School to planting trees in Moore’s Little River Park, our impact reaches beyond geographic boundaries.

A recent grant from our Parks & Public Space Initiative is improving the quality of life for residents in Oklahoma City Housing Authority’s Oak Grove development. Located in southwest Oklahoma City, the neighborhood houses nearly 300 families with more than half of the residents being children. With limited resources, the property’s outdoor spaces had minimal shade making it undesirable for recreational activity, especially during the heat of the summer. A $40,000 Parks & Public Space Initiative grant added 162 trees to the neighborhood, creating a shaded, more enjoyable area for children to play.

Read more about how we are building community impact in our 2017 Annual Report.