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To read the Oklahoma City Disaster Relief Fund Forensic Investigation Report, click here.

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Disaster Relief Fund: Frequently Asked Questions

If you were directly impacted by the 1995 bombing and need assistance with bombing-related needs, please contact case manager Rosena Rucker at 405/271-5700, ext. 45165.


Questions? Contact Cathy Nestlen at 405/606-2913.


Oklahoma City Community Foundation releases the
independent report on the Disaster Relief Fund

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation today released the forensic investigation report conducted by BKD, LLP in response to questions and allegations about the administration of the Oklahoma City Disaster Relief Fund.

“Since 1995, the overriding goal of all involved has been to assist families, individuals and the community in dealing with the effects of the bombing,” says Steven C. Davis, board chairman of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. “The Community Foundation’s Trustees and staff are passionately committed to assisting survivors and their families, fulfilling donors’ intent and providing certainty that the fund is properly administered in accordance with the law.”

The Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) was established following the Murrah Federal Building bombing in 1995. Since that time, the fund has paid $11.2 million to assist more than 1,000 survivors.

“Because of questions being raised by certain persons in media reports, BKD’s national forensic audit team was asked to conduct a complete review of the Disaster Relief Fund’s operations,” Davis adds. “The very comprehensive review they conducted clearly refutes any allegations about alleged misuse of funds contributed to the Disaster Relief Fund, but also provides a balanced analysis of any areas where improvements could be made. The Oklahoma City Community Foundation will consider those recommendations, with a view toward continuing to provide the best service possible to survivors, donors and the community.”

The BKD report confirms that “nothing in the governing documents indicates its purpose was to be a compensation fund to be shared among the survivors.” The report also states that “some of those who indicated they had been denied assistance have received thousands of dollars in financial assistance from the DRF and other agencies since 1995” and that “the overwhelming majority of requests for assistance we reviewed were approved.”

The report also confirms the following key findings:

The report included recommendations related to communications, coordination, policy clarification and future planning to ensure the Disaster Relief Fund continues to effectively respond to the unmet needs of survivors and complete its education and support missions for survivors and the community. The Oklahoma City Community Foundation Trustees will consider these recommendations as they plan for the future of the DRF.

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation was founded in 1969, administers more than 1,200 funds and manages more than $630 million in assets. Following the bombing in 1995, both then Gov. Frank Keating and Oklahoma City mayor Ron Norick asked the Oklahoma City Community Foundation to assist with addressing the unmet needs related to the bombing and administering scholarship funds for eligible children. In the fall of 2012, both Keating and Norick agreed with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation that questions and allegations being raised in the media regarding the DRF would be best answered by an independent third party investigation conducted by a national accounting firm with experience in issues of public accountability.

During the three-month investigation, the BKD forensic investigative team reviewed all policies, governance, accounting and financial reporting information regarding the DRF since it was established in 1995. The auditors had full access to survivors’ individual case files, contribution and distribution records as well as all other records of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation as needed. In addition, BKD personnel separately investigated each complaint registered by callers on the confidential information line or aired in the media. The costs associated with the BKD review were paid by the Oklahoma City Community Foundation’s administrative fund, not the DRF.

You can read the complete report including exhibits and appendices here.